Saturday, October 6, 2012

24 Hours of Magic

With the "big cheese" himself (Get it? Big cheese? Cause he's a giant mouse? this thing on?)

For my eighteenth birthday, my dad sent me and my best friend, Emily to Disneyland for Leap Day. This is probably the best gift I could ever receive since I have loved all things Disney for my entire life. Em and I have watched about every Disney movie ever made together over our 15 years of forced friendship. So we decided to dress up for this one day of pure joy. Em is Minnie Mouse and I'm Snow White, my idol. 

Disneyland at 6am.

Em has a little sister who was 4 at the time, so we took a bunch of pictures with the characters and put them in an autograph book for her. It might have been for us as well.... We were definitely more excited than all of the little girls to meet the princesses. 

Em and Minnie match <3 

I love Snow White so much!! We look the same, right?
This is the day after the 24 hours. All day and all night wasn't enough for us.
Em also made a video of our 24 hours in Disneyland. Ok, it was only 20 hours because we didn't get there until 10am, but can you blame us? 6am is far too early.

And that was 24 (ok, 20) hours of magic. Em and I are currently talking about going again in January. That is less than a year since our last visit. I think we should go to Disney World just to switch it up a bit, plus then we could go to Harry Potter Land.

Some people may call this an obsession, but I like to like of it as dedication. Plus, there can't be anything wrong with this kind of love because Disneyland is happiness and happiness is never wrong :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Can An Eleven Year Old Be My Guru?

Today, an eleven year old asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I told her I wanted to be an actor and she laid out a plan for me. Here's how it goes:

I have to somehow get myself to LA and get an internship for The Ellen Show. She doesn't have any advice for how I manage to get this job. Apparently is just happens to me. Next, I need to get Ellen to like me so much that she decides to give me my own show, like she did for Bethany. (She wanted me to have a talk show, but I convinced her a sitcom would be more my style).

That's the whole plan. I quite like it. Frankly, it all seems rather plausible. I think I'm going to get all my advice from eleven year old's from now on. They're a lot more optimistic about my chances.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How Eric Northman Ruined My Life

This summer I started watching HBO’s True Blood with a good friend of mine. We were at her cabin for a week and proceeded to spend all of our time watching the first three seasons of True Blood. Let me point out that three seasons adds up to 36 hours of sitting in a dark room ignoring the beautiful sunshine and sparkling lake just steps away from our back door. We never would’ve done that if it weren’t for Eric. I mean, sure, the show on it’s own was addicting, but we could’ve restrained ourselves and gone into the fresh air if it wasn’t for the sexiness of Eric Northman.

Let me just execute a brilliant plan which makes you think I'm betraying you even though I'm really saving your life because I love you.
Eric Northman is ruining my life. Ok, maybe “ruining” is a bit of an exaggeration, but let’s pretend it’s not so my life seems more dramatic.

OH, COME ONE! Not fair.
How are women (fine, just me) supposed to casually go about their every day lives when movies, television and books keep presenting us with the ideal men? Not that there is anything wrong with non-fictional men. It’s just that they have flaws. Fictional men never have real flaws. When the creator’s of such perfect, ideological male specimens realize they forgot to include some flaw to make said character realistic they always choose “he cares too much” or “he’s protective” or “he’s a bad boy except when the female lead is around when he’s the sweetest guy a girl could ever hope for with an air of mystery”. It’s just not fair to my poor, fragile female heart.

And then I’m just supposed to go living my life after I find out (SPOILER ALERT) that Sookie DOESN’T CHOOSE ERIC. What is life? She had Eric, and she decided to be alone instead. I would never have been so stupid. There is no circumstance in which Eric Northman loves me and I don’t end up with him. None whatsoever. Also being in love with Bill is not an excuse. Bill is lame (no offence to fans of Bill, but come on, let’s be real, Eric wins every time). 

A serious question: when given the choice between a sexy, mysterious, devoted, sexy, powerful, smart, sexy  (did I already say that?), bad ass, albeit fictional, man or real people, what do I do?

What’s that you say? Stop being antisocial and see real people? Kill joys.

Don't worry, Eric. They might not understand our love, but I'll never give up on you either.